KU Libraries – Learning Studio Group Room Guidelines:

The Group Rooms are walled-in study spaces with doors, located in the Learning Studio at Anschutz Library on the 4th floor, with one location on the 3rd floor.  

  • Priority usage of these rooms goes to groups of 3 or more with advance reservations (available to current KU students, staff, and faculty for academic activities).
    • Rooms are open and available to all patrons (individual or groups) when not in use by those with advance reservations.
  • Study rooms are meant to support academic study, research, and positive group collaborations.Inappropriate conduct such as sleeping, excessive noise, fighting, or writing objectionable, vulgar, or obscene language on the whiteboards, tables, or walls is not permitted.
You may book up to 2 hours (four timeslots) per day.  
To book a reservation - click on each time slot needed and select "continue".  (For example, to reserve a room from 3:30 - 5:00, click on 3:30, 4:00, and 4:30 to choose three slots at once).
If you have any questions - contact the service desk on Anschutz Level 3 or call
(785) 864-4928.